10 Reasons You Should Watch Outlander

Give Movies a Chance

The other day, a Variety reporter wrote an article about 12 cable shows that are coming out this year. (I wouldn’t click on the link only because it’ll increase her page views and that’s not the idea I want to give. Just keep reading.)

One of the shows on her list was “Outlander”, a highly anticipated show that will hopefully turn into multiple seasons. Instead of trying to sell her readers into tuning in, she managed to insult them. According to Saval, the author of the article, she describes it: “This new series is based on the internationally bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon that bored middle-age housewives have been going absolutely bananas over.”

She then adds one last sentence saying what time period the show is set and the genre, “Harlequin Romance-esque plot”.

When I read this I had to re-evaluate my life. Apparently I am a bored middle-aged housewife…

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