Red Silk Slippers

Terry Dresbach

So, here is the story on the red shoes.

No, I did not go out and get 18th century shoes that would draw a link to the Wizard Of Oz. I wish I had, it’s a great idea!

The actual story is pretty good though. Getting period shoes is tricky. We need hundreds and hundreds of pairs. In any given episode we will have hundreds of extras, and for every extra you have to have two or three of anything to try on until you find what fits and works. Make sense?

We have period shoes made for our principal actors. But we could not possibly afford to make hundreds of shoes for extras at over $100 per pair. So, we “cobble” together shoes. We search out, remake, re work, dress up, dress down shoes we get from all over the place. (don’t want to even discuss Season Two)

ANYWAY, there…

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Ratings: Outlander Ayes a Starz Record, Proves to Be Gender-Neutral Fare

Great News!


Great Scots!

Starz’s time-travel romance Outlander on Saturday night premiered to an audience of 720,000, and over the course of the weekend amassed 2.3 million total viewers.

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With another 1.4 million factored in — via advanced online and On Demand plays — Starz puts the multi-platform premiere audience at 3.7 million, a network high for a series launch. TVLine readers gave the premiere an average grade of “A-.”

Starz also notes that of the weekend audience, 45 percent of viewers were male.

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By comparison, Starz’s previous series premiere, Black Sails, drew 850K to its initial broadcast, amassed 2.6 mil over the opening weekend and totaled 3.5 million with On Demand/online plays factored in.

VIDEO: Outlander Team Lifts the Kilt on Starz’s Time-Travel Drama

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Updated 8/6/2014 Outlander Episode 101: Sassenach – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

Great Scot!

So in spite of being at the San Diego premiere and also attending an advanced screening of OutlanderEpisode 101 last Wednesday, I was also one of the many Outlanders who tuned into Starz at 12:01 August 2 to watch the first Outlander episode yet again. On my initial viewing of the episode titled “Sassenach”, I was only able to pick out a couple of words of the Gàidhlig dialogue. However, after several more viewings (more than 5 but less than 10, but who’s counting?), I have come up with the following list of Gàidhlig I believe I have been able to understand. There is absolutely no guarantee that it is correct and I am quite sure some of the grammar is likely incorrect.  🙂 For words that I could find audio pronunciation files, I have linked them.

So here goes my best attempt. Hopefully the list will go longer with each episode.

Note:  Some people might…

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10 Reasons You Should Watch Outlander

Give Movies a Chance

The other day, a Variety reporter wrote an article about 12 cable shows that are coming out this year. (I wouldn’t click on the link only because it’ll increase her page views and that’s not the idea I want to give. Just keep reading.)

One of the shows on her list was “Outlander”, a highly anticipated show that will hopefully turn into multiple seasons. Instead of trying to sell her readers into tuning in, she managed to insult them. According to Saval, the author of the article, she describes it: “This new series is based on the internationally bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon that bored middle-age housewives have been going absolutely bananas over.”

She then adds one last sentence saying what time period the show is set and the genre, “Harlequin Romance-esque plot”.

When I read this I had to re-evaluate my life. Apparently I am a bored middle-aged housewife…

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Sam Heughan to protray Jamie

Has Starz's "Outlander" series found its Jamie Fraser in Scotsman Sam Heughan? The official Starz Twitter account confirmed as much on Friday with the tweet: "It's #FollowFriday here at #STARZ. Follow Sam Heughan (@Heughan) who will play the role of Jamie Fraser in #OutlanderSTARZ." But Deadline reports that may have been premature. The tweet has... Continue Reading →

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Ron D. Moore and Anna Foerster Interview with Entertainment Weekly ***Spoilers***

Outlander Online

Here’s a Ron D. Moore and Anna Foerster interview with Entertainment Weekly ***Spoilers***

From Entertainment Weekly

Then, during Outlander’s 15th episode—with time ticking towards Jamie’s imminent execution—Claire used her cunning to break into Wentworth Prison, only to find herself face-to-face with evil Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies). “Wentworth Prison” also saw Jamie strike a deal with Black Jack in exchange for Claire’s freedom, which resulted a devastatingly bloody scene involving a hefty hammer and an iron nail. Here, executive producer Ronald D. Moore and episode director Anna Foerster (who helmed “The Wedding” and “Both Sides Now” earlier in the season) reveal details about the episode’s violent scenes, and hint at what’s to come in the Scotland-set season finale.

Read the interview after the jump

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